On Tour

ISTH Plenary Lecture: Joseph Italiano

Congratulations to our very own Dr. Joseph Italiano for an absolutely outstanding Plenary Lecture at the International Society for Thrombosis and Haemostasis in Melbourne. Check out his interview after the lecture here!

GRC: Megakaryocytes and Platelets

Great meeting at the Gordon Conference on the Cell Biology of Megakaryocytes and Platelets. So proud of all our presenters!

Lab Retreat

The first of our annual Lab retreats in Portland, Maine. Great brainstorming sessions, project presentations and home cooking!

GRC: Hemostasis 2018

We had a great time attending the 2018 Hemostasis Gordon Research Conference. Lots of amazing science, including a talk by Dr. Machlus, and poster presentations from Drs. Noetzli, Roweth and Wilkie!

Hot off The Press

New Insights Into the Megakaryocyte Differentiation

We are so excited to share with you our most recent article, out in ATVB! Drs. Leila Noetzli, Shauna French, and Kellie Machlus have taken on the daunting task of reviewing the state-of-the-art on Megakaryopoiesis in this exciting and ever changing field.

Modulation of Megakaryopoiesis and Platelet Production During Inflammation

Excited to share our latest review by our outstanding technician Genevieve Couldwell on how and why megakaryocytes make different platelets during inflammation.

Platelet-Cancer Cell Interactions

Aspirin-treated platelets prevent cancer cell invasion by blocking tumor IL-8 signaling.

Making Megakaryocytes

Our recent methods paper details the in vitro culture of murine megakaryocytes from fetal liver-derived hematopoietic stem cells.

Megakaryocytic Modification of Platelets in Thrombocytopenia

Our recent review discusses the molecular mechanisms governing megakaryocyte differentiation and development and how dysregulation manifests as various forms of thrombocytopenia.


Nathan Asquith

Our latest post-doctoral Research Fellow, interested in the role of vascular thiol isomerases in thrombosis.

Shauna French

A Post-doctoral Research Fellow, interested in identifying novel mediators of platelet production.

Anthony Sciaudone

A Research Technician, looking to help determine the mechanisms underlying pro-platelet formation.